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Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly - Providing Advocacy for Victimized Elders (PAVE)

800-356-3606 · 1500 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA, 19102 · Map

PAVE (Providing Advocacy for Victimized Elderly) is a victim assistance program through CARIE LINE that provides services to older adults that are related to elder crime. - Court accompaniment to the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) - Facilitation of transportation to court - Assistance…


Crime Victims' Center of Chester County - Accompaniment and Advocacy

610-692-1926 · 135-137 W Market St, West Chester, PA, 19382 · Map

CVC Advocates provide accompaniment to medical, law enforcement, Adult/Juvenile Criminal Justice and Civil procedures for victims of crime, their families and/or significant others. Following a victimization/violence these procedures can be overwhelming, difficult and confusing. Accompaniment/advocacy services are provided by…

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