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Borough of Norristown - Education and Resources

610-272-8080 · 235 East Airy Street, Norristown, PA, 19401 · Map

The Norristown Area School District serves the education needs of Norristown’s residents. The School District website, , proclaims: "Norristown Area School District is comprised of 12 individual schools: two high schools, three middle schools, six elementary schools and a…


Community College of Philadelphia - English as a Second Language Program

215-751-8010 · 1700 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19130 · Map

Improving your ability to speak, read and write English will help you with everyday tasks, as well as prepare you for academic opportunities. This program, for students whose first language is not English, will help enhance your language skills through…


Congreso de Latinos Unidos - Harcum College at Congreso

215-763-8870 · 2830 N American St, Philadelphia, PA, 19133 · Map

Harcum College at Congreso is a partnership between Congreso de Latinos Unidos, I-Lead (Institute for Leadership, Education Advancement and Development.), and Harcum College.  This partnership allows students to earn a fully-accredited Associates degree in one of three majors; Human…


Penn State - Dubois

814-375-4700 · 1 College Place, Dubois, PA, 15801 · Map

Four-year degree programs, undergraduate research, study-abroad programs, varsity sports and student clubs and organizations.…

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