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Housing Resources

Finding affordable housing in the Greater Philadelphia region can be a difficult task. The resources on this page have been provided in order to help visitors navigate the resources and options available as well as provide information about homelessness.

Affordable Housing Centers of Pennsylvania

The Affordable Housing Centers of Pennsylvania believes that “Every Family Deserves a Chance at the American Dream” and their goal is to increase and maintain home-ownership opportunities for low to moderate income and minority residents of Pennsylvania. Their services include:

  • Home-buyer Education
  • Homeowner Emergency Loan Assistance Programs
  • Prepurchase Counseling
  • Foreclosure Prevention Education
  • Mortgage Delinquency Counseling
  • Home-buyer Improvement Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Property Tax Delinquency Counseling

If you’d like more information for First Time Homebuyers, take a look at this Guide.

Know Your Rights as a Renter In PA

This comprehensive guide covers fair housing rights and Pennsylvania landlord tenant law and includes practical guidance for self-advocacy, sample letters to landlords for a variety of situations, and a statewide list of resources for tenants.


What Causes Homelessness?

The main causes of homelessness have been identified as:

  • Poverty due to a lack of employment
  • Cost of living exceeds minimum wage or social security benefits
  • Lack of affordable transportation
  • Lack of affordable housing and inadequate housing assistance
  • Lack of affordable healthcare
  • Domestic Violence
  • Inadequate support for mental health and substance abuse

More facts on homelessness are available on Project Home’s website


The Office of Homeless Services provides an informative FAQ Spotlight on Transit-Stations.


If you are interested in learning about how to react to the homeless population in Suburban Station Concourse, you may find helpful tips in the How to Respond Guide