N-1-1 Special Services List | 2-1-1 SEPA

N‑1‑1 Special Services List

Dial 2‑1‑1 for FREE support accessing health and human services in your community (like childcare, emergency food, or housing services)

Dial 3‑1‑1 for FREE municipal or local government services (only in the City of Philadelphia)

Dial 4‑1‑1 for PAID information services (like the phone number for a restaurant, store, or bank)

Dial 5‑1‑1 for FREE traffic, airport, and public transportation information

Dial 6‑1‑1 for FREE telephone company customer service and repair

Dial 7‑1‑1 for FREE TDD relay for the deaf and hard of hearing

Dial 8‑1‑1 for FREE digging site assistance (“Call Before You Dig”)

Dial 9‑1‑1 in case of medical, police, or fire emergencies